Announcement from World Service

Dear OA Intergroups and Service Boards,

During the 2020 WSBC, a vacancy was declared on the Board of Trustees, specifically for a General Service Trustee.  In accordance with the Bylaws of Overeaters Anonymous, the Board of Trustees may appoint a qualified member to serve through WSBC 2021. In order to best serve OA as a whole, it is important to make this appointment as quickly as possible.

A complete job description and application can be downloaded from the WSO website at The completed applications must be received at the World Service Office by June 1, 2020. Please let it be known throughout your area that the Board of Trustees is soliciting qualified applicants who are willing to fill the position.  It is the intention of the board to appoint a new General Service Trustee as soon as possible after that date.

We are soliciting names to fill the vacancy through the end of WSBC 2021. If you should have any questions about this appointment process, please do not hesitate to contact the World Service Office.

Yours in OA service,

Bonnie Lewsaw
Chairman of the Board

Virtual Meetings during COVID-19

As we continue to adjust to the new normal, the board has decided to suggest that face-to-face (f2f) meetings be avoided until the danger if this pandemic passes.

If you are struggling with fear and uncertainty, the first paragraph of PG. 63 of the Big Book can be helpful.  This is our goal in program and what we can share with EVERYONE!

Please read this update with Zoom information for many meetings.

We have set up a steering committee to help individual groups set up virtual meetings, through zoom or Facebook, and we strongly suggest that each group consider doing this as a substitute format during this time.

Virtual meeting steering committee

Bill V.            678-358-4906
Mary Ann     404-520-9915
Chuck          770-312-9956

The steering committee can help you set the meeting up and put the link on our website on the meeting list page.  Individuals can then be directed to this page and can virtually attend any meeting they choose. The steering committee is also tasked to reach out to all groups.

Remember, this pandemic is a part of HP’s plan even though we may not understand why.  Our job is to continue to do our footwork, do our best, and leave the results to HP.

Let’s continue to support one another, reach out to one another, and focus on being of service to those around us.

Please continue to reach out to the board with suggestions and stories of experience, strength, and hope!

Greater Atlanta OA Intergroup Board