Contributions (7th Tradition)


According to OA’s 7th Tradition:

“Every OA group ought to be fully self-supporting through its own contributions, neither soliciting nor accepting outside donations.”  Some of the ways in which your contributions are used by Intergroup include:

  • Providing a central telephone number for information about OA and the local meetings
  • Publishing regular newsletters or bulletins to keep groups informed about each other and upcoming OA events
  • Coordinating speakers, public information and contact with the professional community
  • Sending delegates to regional assemblies and the World Service Business Conference

Contributions made via Zelle (a bank-to-bank transaction) or by check help the Intergroup reduce fees, but if PayPal is more convenient, that is also an option.

ZELLE (no fee)

If you have Zelle through your bank or credit union, send donations via your banking app using as the destination email.

If donating on behalf of a group, be sure to include your group number and trusted servant name in the comments or they will not be properly credited.

Checks (no fee)

Make Checks to Greater Atlanta Overeaters Anonymous

Mail to:
Greater Atlanta O.A. Office Inc.
650 Ponce De Leon Ave Ste. 300 #2392
Atlanta, GA 30308
If donating on behalf of a group, be sure to include your group number on the check or it will not be properly credited.


Contributions may be made via PayPal using credit or debit card, or direct from a bank account with a PayPal account attached. There is a small fee to the OA IG for using PayPal. Please click on the donate button below and follow these important instructions:

    • After you select the method of payment, it will go to the next screen.
    • At that point, if you are making a donation to be credited for a particular group, please enter  group number or description next to, “Name or Number of OA Group if Applicable”


    For more information about OA’s 7th Tradition read the Seventh Tradition Brochure

    Make A Contribution To World Service:  World Service Contribution Page