Temporary Sponsors: Newcomer’s First Twelve Days

Consider being a temporary sponsor for Newcomers!

What is the purpose of the First Twelve Days in OA?

• To help newcomers, returning OA members, and other members learn about the OA Twelve Step recovery program by using this personal, short-term introduction to Overeaters Anonymous.
• To help sponsees learn how the OA recovery program might help them to stop hurting themselves with food.
• To help members who may be ready to sponsor but are reluctant to do so. This is an opportunity for a member to help a newcomer in a very structured way and to experience what it might be like to be a regular sponsor.

The new Temporary Sponsors: Newcomers’ First Twelve Days is now posted online. This is new Conference-approved literature. 

Here is the direct link: https://oa.org/group-resources-list/temporary-sponsors-newcomers-first-twelve-days/.

2020 World Service Convention Canceled/Postponed

Due to ongoing public health and economic changes, the 2020 World Service Convention, scheduled for August 20–22 in Orlando, Florida USA, has been canceled.

Refunds of registration and banquet fees will be processed over the next few weeks and will be issued in the same manner in which payment was made. Please allow the WSO staff one month to complete the refund process. For those who have made hotel reservations, the hotel will cancel your reservation and send you a cancellation confirmation.

World Service Convention will be rebooked for August 2021 and will take place at the same hotel in Orlando. The tentative new dates are August 26–28, 2021.

Please check oa.org for updates and join the Convention email list at conventioninfo@oa.org. In your email, include your full name, email address, state/province/territory, and country. Your information will be kept confidential to the World Service Office.

Announcement from World Service

Dear OA Intergroups and Service Boards,

During the 2020 WSBC, a vacancy was declared on the Board of Trustees, specifically for a General Service Trustee.  In accordance with the Bylaws of Overeaters Anonymous, the Board of Trustees may appoint a qualified member to serve through WSBC 2021. In order to best serve OA as a whole, it is important to make this appointment as quickly as possible.

A complete job description and application can be downloaded from the WSO website at https://oa.org/groupsservice-bodies/world-service/board-of-trustees/. The completed applications must be received at the World Service Office by June 1, 2020. Please let it be known throughout your area that the Board of Trustees is soliciting qualified applicants who are willing to fill the position.  It is the intention of the board to appoint a new General Service Trustee as soon as possible after that date.

We are soliciting names to fill the vacancy through the end of WSBC 2021. If you should have any questions about this appointment process, please do not hesitate to contact the World Service Office.

Yours in OA service,

Bonnie Lewsaw
Chairman of the Board