Region 8 Fall Convention Recordings Now Available

Thanks for patiently bearing with us as we uploaded all the audio from the Region 8 Fall Convention. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in making our Convention amazing! Special thanks to Kelley B for her work editing all the audio you hear below.

A couple of workshops did not get recordings due to technical issues, but the rest are here for you to listen to. You can download or listen streaming here:

  • Open Convention/Friday Night Speaker (Download)
  • Neurodiversity/Disabilities (Download)
  • LGBTQ+ Experience (Download)
  • Black, Asian and Pacific Islanders’ Experience (Download)
  • Afternoon Main Speaker (Download)
  • Spanish/Portuguese Language Experience (Download)
  • Secular OA (Download)
  • Keynote Main Speaker (Download)
  • OA Unity Meeting (Download)
  • Steps 1-2-3 (Not Available)
  • Steps 4-5-6 (Not Available)
  • Steps 7-8-9 (Download)
  • Steps 10-11-12 (Download)
  • Young People (Download)
  • 100 Pounders (Download)
  • Bulimia/Anorexia (Download)
  • Sunday Close with Main Speaker (Download)
  • Diversity of Food Plans (Download)
  • Men’s Experience (Download)
  • OAGAIG Idea Sharing Meeting (Download)

For reference, here is the conference schedule.