COVID-19 and Zoom Update 2021 June

Face to Face Meeting Update

As the US returns to normal and follows CDC guidelines, more meetings are returning to face to face or, sometimes, hybrid meetings that meet both in person and online. Check your meeting listing and call ahead if unsure.

The Greater Atlanta OA Intergroup office is open for meetings, as it has always been. Each meeting accepts the risk of meeting in person. Sanitization is at the discretion of the individual meeting.

Zoom Update

Many meetings continue to meet primarily online. The OA IG office offers two online accounts, funded by IG.  If your meeting is still interested in using one of the accounts, at no charge to the individual meeting, please email your request to  We’ll try to accommodate your request, while drastically reducing the cost of online meeting accounts for each meeting.

NOTE: Zoom links for meetings can be found in the meeting list.

Meeting Secretaries: please report any changes to your online/printable meeting listing to