Can’t make a meeting? Try a podcast!

Everyone leads busy lives, but our recovery has to come first. Podcasts are a great way to supplement face-to-face meetings. I listen when I’m sitting in traffic!  Find them online here: or use any podcast app.

If you have an iPhone, just look for the podcast icon, which comes already loaded on your phone.  The icon looks like this:


Click on “search” and type in “Overeaters Anonymous.”  You will see see several programs. Some are recordings from various OA groups, and they are great, too. If you want the official podcasts, look for this icon:


Android users can download Google Podcasts.  Then search for Overeaters Anonymous” to find podcasts on this device.

Have an Alexa? You can also play Apple Podcasts by following these instructions.

Have fun exploring!

Eileen H.