OA Office usage request

Please note that during the pandemic, the office is closed for meetings and events.

Procedures for requesting the use of the OA Office for an event:

  • All requests to use the OA Office shall be submitted in writing to our Webmaster – at webmaster@atlantaoa.org at least two weeks in advance of the requested scheduled time.
  • The request shall include:
    • Date
    • Starting Time
    • Duration
    • Purpose of Meeting (e.g., OA committee meeting or OA related event)
    • Brief description of how the event is in keeping with our Steps and Traditions, with a copy of the announcement and all pertinent descriptive materials.
  • The Webmaster shall then forward the request to the Board for review.
    • The Board will contact the person making the request within 48 hours with questions, if any.
    • After all questions have been answered to the satisfaction of the Board, and there are no scheduling conflicts, the Activity/Event will then be placed on our Master Schedule.