Information about Meetings and COVID-19

This is an uncertain time and presents challenges to all of us who are working our programs in Overeaters’ Anonymous. The Atlanta Intergroup is attempting to make changes to help us deal with these trying times.

Many meetings are having group conscience discussions about how and where to meet as some of the locations are shutting down and suggestions and requirements to practice social distancing is making this difficult. The result of this is that there are meeting that are making changes to how they’re being held or going online as virtual meetings.

This page will continuously be updated as we have news from the Greater Atlanta OA Intergroup Board. Please bookmark this page to get the latest news about meeting changes and other announcements about the Coronavirus Pandemic.

If you’re unsure if your meeting has changes, please visit the Meetings Page to be sure. Many of these meetings have virtual meetings setup and you’ll see how to connect on the meeting page.

Read important Zoom instructions for many meetings.


Thanks for your support!