OA’s Twelfth Step Within Day-December 12th, 2020

Every December 12th, Overeater Anonymous groups and service boards around the world celebrate and plan events for Twelfth Step Within Day, a day to support the still-suffering compulsive eater within our Fellowship.

Here are some actions to take:

  • Make as many outreach calls as you can by 12 noon!
  • Reach out to a member (s) you haven’t seen in a Zoom meeting in awhile.
  • Write an article, a poem, or share your thoughts on the 12th step, 12th tradition, 12th promise, or 12th principle.
  • Use the day to reflect on the strength of your own recovery,
  • Write down twelve actions that will support your recovery and the recovery
  • Share the list.
  • Write an article for your service body’s newsletter.
  • Did you hear someone on a meeting share something that was causing them distress, or pain/struggle. Why not reach out to them after the meeting. Ask for their number in the Chat feature on Zoom.
  • Call a sponsee who is struggling with the physical, emotional, or spiritual part of recovery.


We can offer our honesty, experience, strength, hope, support and encouragement to a member who is struggling in program.  On December 12th, reach out and help a fellow in program who may still be sick and suffering!


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